Plymouth Spiritualist Church

What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is an Ancient Religion

Traces of Spiritualism’s beliefs can be found in virtually all religious pathways; for example, the “Golden Rule,” a Supreme Intelligence (God) the creator of all, healing by the laying on of hands, the continuity of life, among many others. Spiritualism is a religious and spiritual belief, which blends ancient wisdom and contemporary thought. References to Spiritualism have been found for centuries in religions, literary, and historic writings. Spiritualism, through mediumship, proves that life continues after the death of the physical body. All Spiritualists recognize God as the Universal Source, the Infinite Spirit. We believe that each of us is an integral part of that God Power. Our philosophy, drawn from this understanding, teaches that the pathway to spiritual growth and positive living comes from taking personal responsibility for one’s own behavior. We no not believe that anyone needs to atone for another’s transgressions. With this firm underpinning for our belief, we are able to dismiss the concept of the punishment of an everlasting hell. We believe that following death, all souls progress onward to the Spirit World where teachings for spiritual advancement continue. Believing that evil is human-made, we realize that souls entering the Spirit World who have lived negative lives must cleanse their consciousness before they can experience the peace and beauty of the spiritual environment. Guidance is always available for those who seek to release their negative experience and in developing their spiritual pathway. An integral part of the understanding of Spiritualism centers on the repeated evidence of communication between our world and the Spirit World. The means by which such intercommunication takes place is called mediumship. The individuals who are able to make contact with the Spirit World are known as mediums. The descriptive information, which the mediums receive from Spirit, perhaps of a relative, friend, teacher, neighbor, or even an advanced Spirit Guide, identifies that the life force is still intact, that the Spirit is still alive. Frequently the communication is accompanied by a message of encouragement or direction. Such knowledge of continuous life can bring needed support during periods of bereavement, crisis, or personal search. Healing is another very important dimension of our beliefs. We accept the healing power of God as the ultimate healing force. While we recognize the importance and value of medical treatment and other health care services, we believe that the most effective healing benefits are derived from combined spiritual healing and conventional medicine.

Spiritualism, a religious and spiritual belief, offers a realistic and dynamic path for positive living.

Declaration of Principles

Spiritualism has neither dogma nor creed but we do strive to abide by the following principles of guidance in our daily lives.

As adopted by the Plymouth Spiritualist Church

1. We belief in Infinite Spirit and that God is Infinite Spirit. 

2. We believe that the phenomena of Nature, both physical and spiritual, are the expression of Infinite Spirit.

3. We affirm that a correct understanding of such expression, and living in accordance therewith, constitutes true religion.

4. We affirm the existence and personal identity of the individual continue after the change call death.

5. We affirm that communication with the so-called dead is a fact scientifically proven by the phenomena of Spiritualism.

6. We believe that the highest morality is contained in the Golden Rule: “Whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you, do ye also unto them.”

7. We affirm the moral responsibility of individuals and that they make their own happiness or unhappiness as they obey or disobey Nature’s physical and spiritual laws.

8. We affirm that the doorway to reformation is never closed against any human soul here or hereafter.

9. We affirm the precepts of prophecy and healing contained in the Bible are divine attributes proven through mediumship.

Our Spiritual Team

Ordained Spiritualist Minister

An Ordained Minister is a fully educated spiritual leader who has extra years of special training, research and experience in the field of spiritual enlightenment and care.Our Ordained Ministers have the authority to perform Marriage services, Christening (Naming) services, Funeral services, Grave side services and Memorial services. We provide pastoral care to assist those seeking spiritual support.

Certified Spiritualist Medium  

A Medium is one whose organism is sensitive to vibration from the spirit world and through whose instrumentality, intelligences in that world are able to convey messages and produce the phenomena of Spiritualism.

Commissioned Spiritualist Healer 

A Spiritualist Healer is one who, through mediumship, is able to impart vital curative force to those experiencing spiritual, emotional or physical impairment.



A Spiritualist is one who believes in the Principles of Guidance and who endeavors to mold his or her character and conduct in accordance with the highest teachings found in this world together with those derived from spirit communication.


Spiritualism is a religion, a philosophy, and a science of learning to live in harmony with Natural Laws, as revealed through the study of scriptures, the sciences, and communication with those living in the spirit world. We believe the statement of Jesus, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater than these shall he do, because I go unto my Father.” (St. John 14:12)

Spiritual Unfoldment

Spiritual Unfoldment is a pathway to spiritual growth and enlightenment.  It is an ongoing process by which we learn the deeper essence of who we really are; the purpose of our soul’s journey, our connection to one another, and our connection to Infinite Spirit (God).