Plymouth Spiritualist Church

Pastor's Message

Spiritual Unfoldment

The Healing of Pets

This is the first time ever that the healing of pets has been written into a Spiritualist healing course. It is time that we consider the healing of the creatures of the earth. The word creature is used with reverence and is meant to include all species that inhabit the planet earth with us. Spiritualists teach that we should hold reverence for all life, and so we bring into practice that which we preach.

There are many forms of creation on the planet earth. Each creation has its distinct purpose. As we unfold our spiritual nature we begin to have the realization that we are connected to everything that is. Many of the creatures of the earth have the capacity to be our treasured friends and guardians. As we bond with them they become an integral part of our lives.

Our pets give us the opportunity to express love and caring, in turn, they respond likewise with total acceptance and without judgement. Just so, the creatures of the earth respond whether they be cat, dog, bird, fish, or any of the other creatures.

The bond between human and pet can be traced back to prehistoric times. We find the history of these friendships from the drawings found in caves and other forms of documentation. Humanity has always used the creatures of the earth for working as well as companions. Thus the saying: “Man’s best friend.”

Like humans, the creatures of the earth are also plagued with accidents, disease and death. Therefore, just as humans have a need to be cherished in every form so do earth’s creatures. The Spiritualist Healer offers healing to all of creation. Our pets respond to healing just as humans do. In particular, to the healing by touch as well as absent healing.

Please feel free to take advantage of our absent healing list.


Rev. Irene