Courses of Study

Ordained Ministers Course

To prepare individuals in mind, heart and spirit to bring forth the Light
of Spiritualism as captured in our Religion, Philosophy and Science.
Proper education will prepare them in the most professional presentation
of our religion.

Minister Course Contents:
1   The role of the Ordained Minister
2   History of the Religion
3   Science, Art & Religion
4   Astronomy
5   (part 1)   Comparative Religions
5   (part 2)   Protestantism
6   The Goddess
7   (part 1)   Spiritualism
7   (part 2)   Spiritualism
7   (part 3)   Spiritualism  - The unseen Universe
8   (part 1)   Natural Law
8   (part 2)   Natural Law
9   Mediumship & Scientific Research
10  (part 1) Mediumship - Its Phases and Unfoldment
10  (part 2) Physical Phases of Mediumship
11  The Chakras
12  The Aura
13  (part 1) The Bible
13  (part 2) Phenomena in the Bible
14  HIV / Aids
15  Death - Dying - Grieving
16  Drugs - Addiction - Recovery
17  Depression
18  Domestic Violence
19  Child Abuse
20  Self Care for the Minister
21  Terminology
22  Licentiate Minister
23  Sermons - Lectures

24  Pedophiles - Sexual Abusers

25  Reincarnation
Additional Training Required for Ordination
· Successful completion of a written examination.
· Submission of a thesis.
· Successful
completion of a Pastoral Skills Class devoted to conducting religious
services, marriage ceremonies, naming ceremonies, funerals, memorial
services, grave site services, and pastoral counseling.
· Successful
completion of a two-year apprenticeship under the direction of an
Plymouth Spiritualist Church's ordained minister.



Certified Mediumship Course

Communication with the Spirit World through the faculty of Mediumship presents the scientific evidence upon which our religion and philosophy are founded, Therefore the proper Unfoldment and demonstration of Mediumship is crucial to Spiritualism.
Mediumship Course contents:

1 History of Spiritualism
2 Scientific Research of the Paranormal
3 Natural Law
4 Spiritual Unfoldment
5 Prana
6 The Chakras
7 The Aura
8 Right Brain/Left Brain Functions
9 Proof of Survival
10 Medium’s Oath & Ethics in Mediumship
11 Mediumship
12 Mediumship and its Phases
13 Physical Phases of Mediumship
14 The Bible and Mediumship
15 Phenomena in the Bible
16 Death - Dying - Grief
17 Self Care for the Medium
18 Symbolism in Spirit Communication
19 Pioneers
Additional Training Required for Certification
· Successful completion of a written examination
· Successful completion of a test service.


Commissioned Healers Course

We accept the healing power of God as the ultimate healing source. We also recognize the importance and value of the health care system, and believe that the most effective healing benefits are derived from a combination of spiritual and physical sources.
Healing Course contents:

1 History of Ancient and Modern Spiritualism 
2 Healers Oath & Healers Ethics
3 Healing through various ages and countries
4 Ancient & Modern Healing
5 Healing & the Healer
6 Anatomy  and Physiology for the Spiritualist Healer

  Body Structure
* The Digestive System
* The Circulatory System
* The Nervous System
* Right Brain/Left Brain
* The Eye
* The Spiritual Eyes
* The Chakras
* Prana
* The Skeletal System
7 HIV/Aids
8 Drugs - Addiction - Recovery
9 Natural Law
10 Alternative Forms of Healing
11 Death - Dying - Grieving
12 Self Care for the Healer
Additional Training Required for Commission
· Successful completion of a written examination


Course Enrollment

There are two ways to enroll in a course of study. The class you select may be paid in full at the time of your enrollment, or you may select an easy time payment plan.
The cost of the courses are as follows:
Ministry Course
Full payment with application -------- $650.00
Easy payment plan ---------------------  $700.00
$100.00 due with application.
$30.00 per lesson until the course is paid in full.
Mediumship Course
Full payment with application -------- $400.00
Easy payment plan ---------------------  $450.00
$75.00 with application.
$25.00 per lesson until the course is paid in full.
Healing Course
Full payment with application -------- $300.00
Easy payment plan ---------------------- $350.00
$75.00 with application.
$25.00 per lesson until the course is paid in full

Note: The Plymouth Spiritualist Church will award certificates of Mediumship and Healers Certification to those who satisfactorily complete those courses. *** (Ministers may not be ordained until they have completed all three courses.).


Anyone wishing to enroll in a course or who may have further questions please contact:

Rev. Dr. Irene I. Harding, Dean of Education
Plymouth Spiritualist Church
PO Box 1302
Plymouth Beach, MA 02362
Tel #: (508)-888-6049
Plymouth Spiritualist Church

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